I’ve decided to start making more posts here and in order to do so I needed to use some shorter form rather than my typical 12 page rambling diatribe… so I introduce… Quicklers! – a much shorter form of rambling diatribe.  (I am so going to copyright that for my book)

Quickler #1

Thanks to marketing emails, I learned that in order to be financially secure, I needed to spend more on insurance.

Of course, when “’Aldi’s beans’ and ‘Meatfarm Acre’s weenies’” night expanded to 3 days a week, my family seemed to be more and more interested in exactly how much insurance I have on my life and the exact sequence of events that had to happen to collect on said insurance. Recently, while looking through my wife’s purse for Chiclet’s Mascara, and tampons,  I found an invoice from ACME for a rocket suit, a piano, some rope, and a “Free Bird Seed” sign.

I’m not sure what that was all about but I hope they don’t give away all of that delicious bird seed.  I personally love that stuff and I can’t help but to make a beeline to it when I see some laying in a pile… unless it costs too much.


One Response to Quicklers!

  1. Benjamin Johnson says:

    Floor Pie!

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